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Wonderland Childcare believes in continuous development. We encourage you to keep on making discoveries and to continue employing your unique talents. We are only too glad to offer you all the room you need to further your development. Moreover, Wonderland itself is a learning organisation.

In practice this means that we find it important that you, as a (future) member of our staff, take responsibility for your (pedagogical) interactions. That you are open to feedback. And that you actively flesh out your role in our organisation. Ownership, we call this.

Wonderland Academy enables you to continue developing yourself. Whatever your ambitions may be. The Academy is attuned to your and to our other staff members needs. For, after all, making sure that ‘your’ children are ready for the future, starts with yourself!

When you have just begun your adventure at Wonderland, you will pass through an educational program adapted to the age of the children you are working with. After completion of this program, every year you will get the opportunity to discover more about other subjects. Do you have the ambition to grow and move on to another position? Then you may, for example, follow a learning trajectory to become a pedagogical specialist at one of our daycare locations. Or a junior location manager.

Educational program for new (pedagogical) staff members

When you start working in our organisation, it will be our pleasure to get to know you better and to tell you all about our pedagogical vision on childcare. This will, therefore, be central to your introduction within our organisation.

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That is why, as a part of your introduction at Wonderland, we like to invite you to a welcome dinner. While enjoying a pleasant dinner, you will meet the general manager, the regional manager and various new colleagues who work in your region. You are introduced to our organisation and our corporate culture, and we will tell you all there is to know about our organisational objectives and core values.

During your first year at Wonderland, the following training courses may be offered:

Development oriented work according to the childcare method Piramide
(for functions at the daycare facility)
In five training sessions you learn how to work according to the preschool education method Piramide.

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During these five training sessions you will learn:

  • more about the basic concepts of the method Piramide
  • the best way to arrange your classroom for certain activities
  • creating and making use of opportunities
  • the six skills of interaction
  • which intelligences and areas of development there are
  • how to apply the four steps of Piramide in your work

Working in after school care with an experience oriented focus
Children visit ASC facilities after school, during their holidays and in their free time. That is why the focus is on free play, having fun, relaxing and unwinding. Even then, however, a child will learn from new experiences. You will offer them guidance in this process.

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At ASC facilities children learn to make choices, by themselves or together with others. During their adventure at Wonderland they discover new activities. They develop new skills. You will guide them in this process. By making deliberate choices, you can create opportunities which enable the children to gain new experiences. A day at an ASC facility passes quickly. For a few hours you are very alert. A lot of things happen. By seeing where the opportunities lie and by assessing the value of each moment, you keep a grip on the day. In four training sessions we discuss the basics of our work, the opportunities that present themselves and how you can make use of the moment. We also examine how you yourself can create opportunities to let the children gain new experiences.

Preschool education at locations with children in the target group for preschool education

On locations where we offer day care to children who need extra support, we work according to the preschool education method Piramide.

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This training cycle consists of 12 training sessions. After completing this training cycle, you receive an official certificate testifying that you know how to apply this method in your work.

ningscyclus bestaat uit 12 trainingen waarna je een officieel certificaat krijgt voor het werken met deze methode.

We find it important that everybody is able to and is allowed to make his or her contribution to Wonderland’s success.

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The location manager gives a training in accountability. You will learn how you can make the difference. How you can just step it up a notch. How to be proud of the work you do. And how you should take responsibility when something goes wrong. How, in other words, you are the owner of your work, your tasks, your function and all related responsibilities. And that this also means that you welcome any feedback and that you tie up with your colleagues to form a strong team in which everyone is able to and is allowed to develop themselves.

De Meldcode
When there are concerns of child abuse or domestic violence, anyone working with children is obliged to follow the Meldcode.

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All professionals working in education, childcare, youth care, health care, welfare and justice are obliged to do so. We expect you, as a pedagogical staff member, to recognise the signs and to discuss them with you immediate colleague and your manager.

Click here for more information (Dutch only) about the Meldcode.

Child First Aid
Accidents can happen. Anyone working with children is recommended to follow a training in child & baby first aid.

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This training will learn you to provide first aid for the most common accidents that happen to babies and children. It is good if you know what to do when a child, for instance, chokes on something, sustains a wound while playing or bruises his or her ankle while romping about.

Continuing your own development

After your first year at Wonderland your development will not end of course. Actually, we like to encourage it. Because to us it is important that you continue developing yourself. And because the field of your profession as a pedagogical staff member is continuously evolving.

We therefore offer several opportunities to enhance your knowledge

Job evaluation interviews

Together with your manager you make an inventory of your personal objectives and ambitions. Making a critical assessment of your own professional functioning will be a part of these conversations.


Each year the Pedagogical Department and the HR Department prepare a calendar of workshops for staff members. You yourself choose which workshop you want to attend. A workshop on a subject that you would like to know more about, for instance, and/or a subject matching your learning objectives.

Team training

Every year all locations get a budget to organise a training for the development of their entire team. These sessions are not only instructive and useful. Very often they are quite enjoyable too. After all, you will get to know each other better, and this will certainly improve the way you work together.

Video Interactive Guidance and coaching on the job

Your location employs a pedagogical specialist who, together with the location manager and the team, ensures the pedagogical quality of our daycare. Because it is very important how you carry out your work on the work floor. Apart from the feedback you get from your manager, Video Interactive Guidance or VIB (Video Interactieve Begeleiding) is a key element in your development path. VIB, which is offered once a year, will be provided by the pedagogical specialist of your location. Apart from VIB, our pedagogical specialist will, in consultation with you and your manager, give you coaching on the job. Which literally means that you will learn while you are at work.


A study allowance for ASC workers

Do you have a qualifying diploma or a sufficient number of credit points to work in childcare and do you pursue a study at an MBO, HBO or university? In that case we offer a yearly allowance of € 600 when you work at an ASC facility for at least 7 hours per week.

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Re-eduction to MBO level of training 4

Do you have the ambition to develop yourself even further and do you want to become a specialised pedagogical staff member at MBO level 4? You can. While continuing your work at your own location, you will follow a part-time education alongside. Wonderland will pay your tuition fee!


Do you want to work in childcare, but do you not have a diploma yet? Then a BBL trajectory may be ideal for you!

Will you join us in our adventure?

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