Internships and BBL trajectories

At Wonderland Childcare

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At Wonderland we find it important to support your education. Do you want to continue making discoveries and use your talents? And do you like to take the initiative? Then apply for an internship at Wonderland. Or do your BBL training at one of our locations.

BOL internship

Do you want to continue making discoveries and are you someone who likes to take the initiative? Then apply for an internship at Wonderland. At Wonderland every day is an adventure!

We offer:

  • A higher than average internship allowance, i.e. between € 45 and € 250 a month (the exact amount depending on the number days you work as an intern per week)
  • All the room you need to be yourself and to make your own choices
  • Excellent guidance by an individual internship supervisor
  • The prospect of a good side job during your training and a permanent contract at one of our childcare locations after you have finished your training

At Wonderland you will learn to make deliberate pedagogical interventions and to take your responsibilities. We encourage you to take the initiative and to use your talents. Of course you will not do this all by yourself, but together with your colleagues and under guidance of an internship supervisor. Cooperation is our strength.

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Approved Internship Employer

All our affiliates are recognised by SBB (the knowledge centre for professional training in Health Care, Welfare and Sports) to be an Approved Internship Employer that can offer training for:

  • Pedagogisch medewerker kinderopvang
    Pedagogical staff member childcare
    (25486) (Level 3)
  • Gespecialiseerd pedagogisch medewerker
    Specialised pedagogical staff member
    (25484) (Level 4)

Some locations have also been recognised as an Approved Internship Employer who can offer training for:

  • Sport- en bewegingsleider
    Sports and exercise leader
    (Level 3)
  • Helpende Zorg en Welzijn
    Health care and welfare assistant
    (Level 2)
  • Sociaal werker
    Social worker
    (Level 4)
  • Coördinator buurt, onderwijs en sport
    Neighbourhood, education and sports coordinator
    (Level 4)

Check here if we have an internship vacancy for your study:

BBL trajectory

Do you want to work in childcare, but do you not have a diploma yet?
Then a BBL trajectory may be ideal for you!

What does the BBL trajectory at Wonderland involve?

  • You will follow a (perhaps reduced) training for Gespecialiseerd pedagogisch medewerker niveau 4 (Specialised pedagogical staff member, level 4) or Pedagogisch medewerker kinderopvang niveau 3 (Pedagogical staff member, level 3)
  • You go to school 1 day a week
  • And 3 days/day parts a week you work with us in childcare or after school care
  • Apart from that you have some time to study at home
  • Wonderland will pay your tuition fee (a fee for books is not included)
  • Based on a 36 hour workweek, you will receive a starting salary of € 2004, with the possibility of a rise when you start the next phase of your education
  • After you have successfully completed your study, you will receive an officially acknowledged diploma and stay with us to work as a pedagogical staff member

What will you do after your BBL trajectory?

Just like your colleagues, you will be responsible for the daily care and development of ‘our’ children.

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Depending on the phase of your training, you:

  • Offer guidance to children doing various activities, both in groups and individually.
  • Create a safe environment in the group, in which all children can be themselves.
  • Together with your colleagues you will think up and develop activities for and with the children.
  • You will accompany the children on their journey of discovery and guide them step by step on the road to independence.
  • You encourage children to gain new experiences and to further their development.
  • You ensure there is a good transfer when parents come to bring or pick up their child.
  • You learn to be aware of the value you add, of your responsibilities and your pedagogical interactions.
  • You will get every opportunity to further your development and to carry out the learning tasks of your training in the group.

Why Wonderland?

Wonderland takes you on an adventure! You will get every opportunity to take the initiative. You will be encouraged to keep on making discoveries and to continue using your talents. You will get the opportunity to further your personal development. Together we grow. At Wonderland you can be yourself. You are unique. That is something to be proud of! In a constantly changing environment, we choose our own path and make the choices that are right for us.Of course you are not alone. 

Of course you are not alone. Our team consists of colleagues sparkling through their dedication and unique talents. Cooperation is our strength.

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Our Wonderland
BBL class

In cooperation with ROC Midden Nederland and mboRijnland we provide a special Wonderland BBL class of students following a training for Gespecialiseerd pedagogisch medewerker, niveau 4 (Specialized pedagogical staff member, level 4).

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  • The training is offered in a reduced form, adapted to the pace of the class.
  • Your classmates are BBL colleagues who work in other Wonderland locations in your region. You will get to know each other well, can use each other as a sounding board and learn from each other.
  • Wonderland offers various guest lectures that are very relevant to you.
  • You will receive excellent guidance by one of our internship supervisors on location.
  • There is a close contact between the schools and Wonderland, which allows us to make quick adaptations.

Look here if we have got a BBL vacancy for you.

Will you join us in our adventure?

Become our new colleague!