Your job at Wonderland

Challenging and discovering

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Hi! Welcome at Wonderland, welcome to our mutual adventure. An adventure through which all of us will gain new experiences from the viewpoint of entrepreneurship.

By allowing each other the room we need, but also by claiming some space for yourself, you will be able to keep on developing yourself. Together we will build the future. The future of each other and the future of our organisation. We do so with a passion and full of refreshing ideas. A little self-willed, maybe, and out of the box. Will you go on an adventure with us? Then become our new colleague!

Wonderland’s values


Wonderland will take you on an adventure! You get room to take the initiative. We will encourage your to keep on discovering and making use of your talents. You will get the room to develop yourself. Together we grow.


Be conscious of your added value, your responsibilities and your pedagogical interactions. Conscious of yourself and the world around you.


Of course you are not alone. Our team consists of colleagues sparkling through their dedication and unique talents. Cooperation is our strength!


At Wonderland you can be yourself. You are unique. And that is something to be proud of! Use your talents. In an environment that is always changing we choose our own path and make choices that suit us.

What we offer

  • A job with a lot of freedom, independence and responsibility.
  • At Wonderland you can be yourself. You are unique. That is something to be proud of! Use your talents.
  • Cooperation is our strength! Our team consists of colleagues sparkling through the dedication of their talent.
  • A warm welcome, including a welcome dinner with all your new colleagues.
  • An annual contract
  • The possibility to keep on making discoveries and to continue developing yourself, by following the training courses offered through Wonderland Academie.
  • A travel allowance, 8% holiday money and a 2% year-end benefit.
  • 26 holidays, on the basis of a working week of 36 hours.
  • A discount when you purchase a bicycle through our ‘Fietsenplan’.
  • A collective health insurance.
  • A discount on other insurances by Centraal Beheer.
  • Exclusive discounts on products, tickets and excursions offered through Wonderland Personeelswinkel (Wonderland’s staff shop).
  • Do you still have any energy left? At Wonderland you can do sports at reduced prices.

Onze vacatures

Will you join us in our adventure?

Become our new colleague!