The Parent Portal

Contacting each other

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To us our contact with the parents is of great importance. Through our Parent Portal we strive to improve our service and to strengthen our connection with parents. To communicate with parents, we use our Wonderland Parent Portal / Jaamo’s OuderApp (Parent App).

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Through the Parent Portal / OuderApp we keep you informed about your child’s adventures at Wonderland and about the activities we undertake together. We share personal images and messages, so you can see and read all about your child’s adventures during their time at Wonderland. And you can directly contact your child’s day care group.

You can also use the portal or app to arrange your childcare any time, any place. A very useful feature for parents.

Through the Parent Portal (on PC) / the Parent App (on smartphone/tablet) you can digitally arrange various administrative matters concerning your child’s day care. You can, for instance:

  • Register a second or subsequent child.
  • Pass on mutations, like a change of address.
  • Request for/Pass on changes concerning childcare days and packages. Cancellations we prefer to receive by email.
  • Request for extra childcare and swapping days.
  • Plan your flexible care.
  • Request for childcare on school free days. When your child attends one of our after school care locations, we also provide day care on school free days. If you want to sign up your child for day care on a school free day, you can do so through the Parent Portal. You can file your request up to 1 week before the school free day in question. We will send your a message in reply, to let you know if day care is available.
  • Sign contracts digitally.
  • Get an overview of your invoices (consultation by the debtor only).

Arrange your childcare matters through the Parent Portal

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Wonderland’s OuderApp (Parent App)

To communicate with Wonderland you can also use the Jaarmo OuderApp (Parent App). This app enables parents to arrange all essential matters concerning childcare through their smartphone. The Wonderland OuderApp is suitable for iOS and Android.

Are you looking for the manual of the OuderApp? It is available through the app itself. Click on you personal account/image. A menu will appear. You will find the manual there.

Parents receive their login details after they have agreed on our placement proposal. Do you have any questions? Please contact our Child Planning Department.

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Wonderland Child Planning, General

Contact us by email at:
or call us at: 088 202 80 80 (options menu 2).

Wonderland Child Planning, Baarn

Contact us by email at: 
or call us at: 088 202 81 12

Allow your child to have the best development

We find it very important to provide you and your child with the best possible start at our day care facilities. That is why we invite you to visit one of our locations for an introduction and to have a guided tour. You are very welcome to drop by one of our facilities and get a taste of the atmosphere. It will be an excellent opportunity to ask all your questions.