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Wonderland Childcare

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To you your child is the most precious thing in the world. That is why you choose day care of the highest quality. Day care that perfectly suits you and your child.

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Premium quality childcare at Wonderland

At Wonderland we make high demands on quality. To us our locations, our staff, our materials, our fittings and furnishings, even the meals we serve and the activities we provide, are all of equal importance.

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Day care or a babysitter?

Choosing professional day care has many advantages for your child.

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  • We work with permanent staff members, qualified professionals who do their work passionately and with expert knowledge.
  • We make sure your child meets familiar faces every day, people they know and trust, even when replacement is necessary due to illness or holidays.
  • Our staff keeps their expertise up to date through permanent education, carry out their work according to a pedagogical policy and are trained in first aid.
  • All our staff members are required to present a certificate of conduct at their recruitment and are, from then on, continuously screened.
  • We are open every working day of the week (except on national holidays) and provide a day care guarantee.
  • From an early age your child will start to discover the world that surrounds it. A childcare facility is fully equipped for this purpose. It offers a challenging environment, designed to encourage children to start to make their discoveries and to further their development. In addition to that, we offer all kinds of extra challenges through After School Swimming, After School Open-Air and After School Sports.
  • Your child will learn to interact and play with other children under supervision of our day care professionals.
  • Experienced staff members will actively encourage your child to further his or her development so that they will become more and more independent.

Professional day care

When you decide to make it your daily job to guide children through the essential first years of their lives, you do so out of conviction.

  • The conviction that, during these early years of their life, children lay an important basis for the rest of their lives.
  • The conviction that you want to play a role in this process.
  • The conviction that you can contribute to their development.

At Wonderland we all share this conviction. As childcare professionals we provide your child – just like the most important people in their life, i.e. the parents and grandparents – with a safe and secure environment. An environment where he or she feels at home. Where having fun, feeling safe and being challenged provide them with the best opportunity to grow and develop to their full potential.

Our staff members are important, both to you and your child. They are entrusted with the daily supervision of your child. It is essential that they constantly occupy themselves with the pedagogical quality of the care we provide. To this end, they are guided by our pedagogue and the location’s pedagogical coaches, and they receive a special training.

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We very much like to work with parents. Apart from the high level of pedagogical quality we provide, we offer parents a lot of support.

At our day care facilities and preschool groups we offer care based on a method of preschool education.

So much more than just childcare

When you have a job, study or are engaged in other activities, you try to find a safe and trusted place for your child. Wonderland offers you the ideal environment for children on various locations. We create a comfortable and safe place, where your child can be him- or herself. Just like home. And on days your child spends at Wonderland, we take care of everything. We offer fully catered care.

At Wonderland your child may go where their curiosity leads them. This way, children will gain many new experiences, the building blocks of their own unique personality. Additionally, we stimulate the development of ‘our’ children by offering activities that are appropriate to their age. With a good balance between active and recreational activities, both indoors and outside.

At Wonderland children get every opportunity to make discoveries and play. Because play is essential for a child’s development, both for the youngest and for older children. After all, play is a child’s way to discover the world. Additionally, we make sure your child will have fun with his or her peers and that he or she learns to interact with other children in a respectful way.

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Child development at Wonderland, our Wonderland Values

We provide your child with the perfect environment to make a good start. An environment where having fun, making discoveries and structure go hand in hand. This way, your child will get the best opportunity to develop themselves to their full potential. Under the supervision of the best professionals of our team.

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We have formulated our Wonderland values, the principles we as a professional childcare organisation stand for: 

  • Discover
  • Conscious
  • Together
  • Individuality

At Wonderland we warrant that we will develop children according to the values listed above. Additionally, we provide the following qualities:


  • Our own pedagogue and pedagogical coaches
  • Professionals staff members
  • The world around us: Let’s go outside!
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Our values and qualities in detail:


For the development of a child it is very important they get every opportunity to make discoveries. Wonderland provides them with plenty of possibilities to do so. Within Wonderland’s own safe environment of course. In this environment, the children will discover all materials the world has to offer, including shaving foam, sand, mud and water. They may, for instance, water the plants in the (vegetable) garden. Or craft with various materials. This way, they not only develop their motor skills, but also learn plenty of things about the possibilities and limitations of these materials. As a consequence of this adventurous journey of discovery, your child may get wet or dirty at the childcare facility.


Your child will develop him- or herself the best when he or she feels safe and has fun. In a safe setting your child will learn to make their own choices and discover their own talents. We guide your child, step by step, on the road to independence.


At Wonderland your child will always meet friends to play with. By doing things together, their will learn to interact with other children. Through their contact with other children and through their interactions with our staff, your child will get to know him- or herself.


To be yourself, that is the most beautiful thing you can ever be. Every child is unique and every child may be proud to be who he or she is. Each and every day we commit ourselves with heart and soul to give children all the room they need to grow and flourish.

Our own pedagogue and pedagogical coaches

Wonderland has its own pedagogue and each location its pedagogical coaches. Together they ensure the high pedagogical quality of our care. They guide our staff members in their work, so they too can grow at Wonderland. In this way Wonderland provides safe, healthy and challenging day care. The best quality day care for your child. Because that is what your child deserves.

Professional staff members

Wonderland only employs the best people. Our team is carefully composed of staff members who have a passion for guiding children and stimulating children to grow and develop. Professionals who, observing every child’s needs and with a keen eye for their level of development, provide each child with the best possible guidance. With a lot of love, attention and passion. Because that is what your child deserves.

The world around us: Let’s go outside

Outside, in the vicinity of Wonderland’s childcare facility, there are many things for your child to discover. That is why Wonderland encourages the children to go and play outside in our challenging outdoor playing areas as much as possible. Several locations have a vegetable garden, where the children grow their own vegetables, cultivate fruits and take care of plants. How proud they are at harvesting time! Of course they are. Nothing tastes better than your own home-grown strawberries, tomatoes and apples!
Additionally, we often leave the facility. Out we go, with our old-fashioned handcart, for a walk into nature! To the woods, the dunes or the beach. Or to a supermarket, a petting zoo or our after school care facility. These excursions enable your child to discover all kinds of interesting places during his or her stay at Wonderland.

Preschool education as an incentive for development

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At Wonderland we guide children from 0 to 4 years of age in their development. We offer this guidance both to children who did get a recommendation to take part in a preschool education program and to children who did not get such a recommendation by the Infant Welfare Centre. Our guidance is based on the principles of the preschool education method Piramide. In a playful manner all learning domains are stimulated. Apart from language skills, these include social-emotional, cognitive and motor skills. This development oriented approach already starts in the baby group.

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Several of our childcare locations are certified providers of preschool education. While other locations may not have this certification, they too work according to the method Piramide. On the pages dedicated to each location, you can see which of Wonderland’s locations are and which are not certified.

Below you can read what the preschool education method Piramide implies en how Wonderland implements its principles.

What are the principles of preschool education method Piramide?

The method of Piramide is based on:

  • Initiative of the child (children may decide themselves)
  • Initiative of the childcare professional (aiding the child in his or her development)
  • Closeness (how do I protect the child)
  • Distance (how do I allow the child to discover e the world)

Encouraging development

We distinguish two kinds of activities. Caring activities, like eating, drinking and changing nappies. And playing and learning activities, like playing in the play areas, reading stories and singing songs together. To increase the fun and enhance the stimulating effect of both kinds of activities, you can either seize existing opportunities or create new ones.

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When staff members offer care to a baby or a toddler, they will seize the opportunity to give the child a lot of individual attention. Adapted to his or her needs, of course. They may, for instance, start a game of peekaboo. Activities like eating and drinking together may also present opportunities that can be used. By telling a joke, initiating a group conversation or singing songs together, our staff may offer the children an opportunity to make real contact with one another. Obviously, our staff will seize this opportunity. Apart from making use of opportunities that present themselves, our staff will sometimes explicitly create an opportunity to stimulate the children’s development. By creating an environment that offers plenty of opportunities to play and learn, for example. Or by inviting them to do all kinds of activities.

An environment offering plenty of opportunities to play and learn

The children’s need to play and discover is fundamental to the way we arrange our groups. Four concepts play a key role. They are the cornerstones of the method Piramide:

A balance between closeness and distance

We create a safe and secure group space (closeness). At the same time we invite and challenge the children (distance). At Wonderland each group room has several areas where the children can play with challenging materials. Like a building area, a phantasy area and a reading area.

A balance in initiative between the child and the care worker

Every day there is time for free play and time for engaging in communal activities. During free play, the child has the initiative. Making his or her own choices, the children decide with what, with who and how they play. During communal activities the day care worker has the initiative. He or she will invite the children to do something together. A movement game for example.

Engaging in activities

Engaging in activities offers the possibility to stimulate your child’s development even further. Every year a program is prepared with themes like ‘Autumn’, ‘Transport’ and ‘Being ill’. During four consecutive weeks each theme will be central in all kinds of projects. These projects are presented according to a carefully prepared plan. Starting very concretely, little by little they become more abstract. From easy they gradually become more difficult.

Central to all activities of the method Piramide is that the children get the opportunity to playfully discovery new things. Continually monitoring the children, our staff members offer activities that match the children’s needs and respond to their initiatives. Whenever the involvement of the children slackens, the activity at hand is modified or discontinued.

Allow your child to have the best development

We find it very important to provide you and your child with the best possible start at our day care facilities. That is why we invite you to visit one of our locations for an introduction and to have a guided tour. You are very welcome to drop by one of our facilities and get a taste of the atmosphere. It will be an excellent opportunity to ask all your questions.