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A list of our features

Wonderland has after school care (ASC) locations in Haarlem, Hillegom, Katwijk, Leiden and Overveen. Please click on ASCs in Haarlem, ASCs in Hillegom, ASC in Katwijk, ASCs in Leiden or ASC's in Overveen to learn more about a specific location.
We would love to welcome you for a tour of our ASC where you can experience the benefits of Wonderland yourself.

Guidance by an educationalist
Wonderland has an in-house educationalist that pays particular attention to the pedagogical quality of our childcare. Together with the staff, they evaluate their own actions so they can continually further develop their qualities. This way Wonderland ensures a safe, healthy and challenging care environment. We strive to provide excellent quality childcare. That's what we want for the children at Wonderland!

An after school care centre that suits your child
Wonderland has multiple ASC locations. Each location has its own character, atmosphere and group composition. This means that you can choose a location that suits you and your child. During the period your child will spend at Wonderland, your child will go through many different developments, from toddler to 12-year old. We regularly invite parents to visit another Wonderland location occasionally to ensure your child is in the best place for them. It is also possible to combine care at different locations. Continue reading ASCs in Hillegom, ASCs in Leiden.

Your child will be spending their time off at the ASC. We believe that having fun is the most important part of their time here. Wonderland and fun go hand in hand. Wonderland is about discovery, experiences and making fond memories. Positive experiences and fond memories ensure that your child will love to come to Wonderland.

Developing talents
Does your child like music, building or painting? At our ASC, your child will have the opportunity to discover where their talents lie. In addition to development at school, we offer a broad range of activities and experiences that will allow your child to discover where their interest lie. Staff stimulate children in this search by engaging them in different activities and workshops.

At Wonderland, your child can learn how to swim during ASC hours. Your child will go to swim class with their friends. For you as a parent, it will also mean a little less stress on your day off because you will not need to make the trip to the swimming pool any more. We will do that for you. Learn more

Sports and exercise
Children in primary school often have the need to move. Wonderland offers lots of opportunities for this. From collaboration with the neighbourhood sports coach to the special Wonderland Sports & Games ASC. Learn more about the activities offered at each location by visiting the location pages.

Holiday ASC
Your child can come to our childcare all day during holidays and other school-free days. It is also possible to only let your child come to our childcare centre during holidays. We offer special activity programmes during the holidays. Continue reading

Top Group
We have a special Top Group for older children that need an extra challenge. This group is a club for the oldest children. It encourages them to become more self-sufficient. The activities are tailored to the oldest. The staff are special Top Group staff. They work according to the Top Group way of working.

A carefree design
Our after school care centre offers a carefree design. On a Wonderland day, you will not have to arrange anything. We will do everything for you. We offer children healthy and responsible products as much as possible. We have set up a nutritional policy based on the standards set by the Voedingscentrum (the Dutch food advisory board). All food is provided by Wonderland. After school care at Wonderland means parents do not need to worry about anything.

I love this place and my kids too...near to my home

Smriti Sona

Op Wonderland Sport en Spel sporten de kinderen onder begeleiding van een speciale sportmeester. Als ik Thijmen op haal is hij altijd moe maar voldaan van de sportmiddag die hij heeft gehad.

moeder van Thijmen (6 jaar)

Carolien kijkt altijd erg uit naar de schoolvakanties, want dan heeft Wonderland een speciaal vakantieprogramma. Ze doen de leukste dingen met de kinderen. Ik ben ’s avonds altijd erg benieuwd naar de verhalen van wat ze die dag weer gedaan hebben.

vader van Carolien (6 jaar)

De ZwemBSO vind ik echt een uitkomst. Onze kinderen gaan beiden met veel plezier Wonderland naar zwemles. Dit scheelt ons weer een hoop heen en weer rijden op zaterdag ochtend. Dan genieten we nu echt van een vrije dag.

moeder van 2 kinderen op Wonderland BSO