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Mijn Wonderland


New baby on the way?

Are you pregnant, or have you just had a baby?
First of all: Congratulations!


Your pregnancy and the first period with your baby are wonderful times during which you will have lots of new experiences. It is also a time during which you will have to take a lot of decisions. One of these decisions is how you will be combining the care for your baby with a career and other activities. Who will be taking care of your child when you are not taking care of it, and how will you arrange the care for your baby?

At Wonderland, we provide care for your baby in a safe and secure environment. We take the time to get to know you and your baby and we follow the daily routine of your child, allowing your child to get used to us.

Choosing between a baby sitter and childcare
What are the advantages of professional childcare?

  • We work with a fixed team of qualified, skilled and enthusiastic childcare professionals.
  • We ensure familiar faces, even if we need to find a replacement due illness or vacation.
  • Our staff is trained on a regular basis, they work from a pedagogical policy and have received first aid training.
  • We make agreements with you on how we take care of you and your baby. We work transparently and safe. The company has an open culture, where staff members are alert to things happening in their environment, we have short lines with our management.
  • All staff members have to provide a Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag (VOG) when they start working at Wonderland, and they are subsequently subject to regular screenings.
  • We are open every day (except for national holidays) and offer a care guarantee.
  • From a young age onward, your child will be discovering the world around them. A childcare centre offers a place that is designed to encourage your child to discover and develop.
  • Your child learns to communicate and play with other children under our professional guidance.
  • Our staff will encourage your child to develop and become more independent.

The qualities of Wonderland childcare

• Development and experience are central everything we do at our centre.
• Our spacious rooms have been especially designed to invite children to play and discover.
• Age-specific outside playgrounds, allowing children of all ages to play outside in a safe and fun manner.
• We have a flexible exchange policy.
• Your child can grow up at Wonderland! Once children reach the age of 4, they can transfer to our after school care group.


Pregnancy yoga

Every Tuesday evening (7:45-9:00 PM), Wonderland offers a pregnancy yoga class in collaboration with the PUUR birth centre.
Pregnancy yoga is a type of yoga that prepares you for childbirth. It can help keep you flexible and energetic, and can help you become more aware of your body and your emotions.

And now? Take a tour at Wonderland!

We are happy to discuss your childcare wishes. Feel free to make an appointment for a tour. We would love to show you around at our childcare centre and answer all your questions. Come and experience Wonderland and all our benefits yourself.

Medewerkers stralen uit dat ze plezier in hun werk hebben, daarnaast geven ze de indruk je kind ook echt te kennen.

Ouder kinderdagverblijf

Onze kinderen zwaaien ons lachend uit en we halen ze ook lachend weer op. Het welkome gevoel iedere keer dat we naar binnenlopen maakt dat ik mij iedere dag weer realiseer dat we met Wonderland een goede keuze hebben gemaakt

moeder van 2 kinderen op Wonderland Stationsweg

Op Wonderland worden er allerlei leuke activiteiten en workshops voor de peuters georganiseerd. Zo deed Taco laatst mee met een judoles. Hij vond het geweldig. Hij raakte er aan tafel niet over uitgepraat. Ik vind het super dat de kinderen al deze ervaringen opdoen!

vader van Taco (3 jaar)

Toen ik tijdens mijn zwangerschap op zoek was naar opvang voor mijn baby’tje liep ik binnen bij Wonderland. De rust, vriendelijkheid en warme sfeer pakten mij direct. Ik ben blij dat Jasmijn geniet van de rust op de speciale babygroep.

moeder van Jasmijn (4 maanden)