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Mijn Wonderland



At Wonderland, you will be able to choose whether you would like your child to be in a group with similarly aged children (age-specific childcare) or in a group of children between the ages of 0 to 4. Both types of groups each have their own features and advantages.

Age-specific childcare
Depending on their age and developmental phase, your child will be included in our baby group, the infant group or the toddler group.

Baby group
The baby group consists of children under 1 year old. Our staff members are part of a fixed team, which means that you and your child will feel comfortable and secure with the childcare provider in charge of the group. The cycle that you and your child have at home will also be followed at our childcare centre. With babies, rest and development go hand in hand. The babies are stimulated by surrounding them with toys made from different materials. We also have activities that stimulate the development of babies. The children each have their own bed, so they can rest in a familiar environment. Do you breast feed your child? We can keep the milk in our special freezer or you can drop by during childcare hours to feed your child.

Infant group
We call the children aged 1 infants. The world of an infant becomes a bit bigger every day. Your child will be able to walk and will look at the world with open eyes. Imitating a 'grown up world' will become a favourite activity. The children increasingly make their own choices and develop a will of their own. They will also develop the ability to speak and will develop different motor skills. Wonderland stimulates this development. Our staff members respond to the development of your child by offering them fitting activities, and by engaging in conversations with them.

Toddler group
The toddler group consists of children aged 2 and 3. The children become more independent and will increasingly insist on doing things themselves. The children become more aware of other people and other children around them. They will also start to interact with other children. We can now do group activities in small or large groups. Amongst children this age, the make belief game is very popular, so Wonderland will be welcoming many fire fighters and princesses. The staff will give the children the space to develop their own identity and will guide children in their quest for norms and values.

The advantages of age-based groups are:

•   The staff can anticipate the level of development of the children and can focus on the specific needs and interests of children in that age category.
The activities and toys can be appropriated to the age of the children.
It provides children with a balanced schedule, because the all the children in the group are approximately at the same stage of their development.
Children have friends in the same developmental phase and can play at their own level of development.
The group will keep challenging the children.
A separate baby group with special attention for quietness and hygiene.
Parents recognise the behaviour of children that have the same age as their child, and can trade information.


0-4 year group
At Wonderland childcare, we also have two 0-4 year groups. In these groups, children of different ages are combined into one group. When children with mixed ages are together, they learn a lot from each other. Smaller children see the skills of older children, and older children learn a lot from interacting with younger children.

The advantages of a mixed group:

•   A child will remain in the same group the entire time that they are at Wonderland.
The staff know the children well and can cater to their specific needs.
Younger children learn from older children, older children can help younger children.
Children are encouraged to practice their social skills, for example by keeping each other in mind.
Children can participate in different activities, an infant ready to participate in toddler games can participate in a toddler game. And the other way around, an infant who is a bit behind can play with baby materials.
Parents and children interact with the same staff member for a number of years, creating a bond of trust.
Parents can learn from each other, and can see that certain behaviours are age specific.


The mixed group is especially suitable for children who are sensitive to change and parents that would like to have brothers and sisters in the same group.

Medewerkers stralen uit dat ze plezier in hun werk hebben, daarnaast geven ze de indruk je kind ook echt te kennen.

Ouder kinderdagverblijf

Onze kinderen zwaaien ons lachend uit en we halen ze ook lachend weer op. Het welkome gevoel iedere keer dat we naar binnenlopen maakt dat ik mij iedere dag weer realiseer dat we met Wonderland een goede keuze hebben gemaakt

moeder van 2 kinderen op Wonderland Stationsweg

Op Wonderland worden er allerlei leuke activiteiten en workshops voor de peuters georganiseerd. Zo deed Taco laatst mee met een judoles. Hij vond het geweldig. Hij raakte er aan tafel niet over uitgepraat. Ik vind het super dat de kinderen al deze ervaringen opdoen!

vader van Taco (3 jaar)

Toen ik tijdens mijn zwangerschap op zoek was naar opvang voor mijn baby’tje liep ik binnen bij Wonderland. De rust, vriendelijkheid en warme sfeer pakten mij direct. Ik ben blij dat Jasmijn geniet van de rust op de speciale babygroep.

moeder van Jasmijn (4 maanden)