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Mijn Wonderland


Development-oriented care

During the first years of their lives, children create the base for the rest of their lives. The people your child will meet during this period will play a role in their development. That applies to parents and grandparents, but also to the staff at our childcare centre. They will provide your child with confidence, allowing them to develop optimally.

We offer your child the perfect environment for a great start. An environment in which trust, fun, challenges and structure go hand-in-hand. Your child will be able to develop optimally, guided by the best people around: our team.

This is what child development means to us:

  • Professional staff
  • A Wonderland child education scientist
  • Discovery
  • Fun
  • Pre-school education
  • Baby gestures
  • Movement
  • Exploring the world around us, going out

Professional staff
At Wonderland, we only work with the best people. Our team has been carefully selected. They are people with a passion for guiding developing children. They carefully attend to the needs of each child, to give your child the best possible start. They lovingly and attentively care for your child, because your child deserves it.

Wonderland child education scientist
Our specially-trained child education scientist ensures that Wonderland's vision is central to the guidance of your children. She helps our staff with development-oriented work. That's how we ensure that we provide 'our' children with the best possible care.

Discovery is central to the development of your child. At Wonderland, we provide children with a safe discovery environment. Discovering entails learning about all the materials that can be found in this world. Think of activities such as playing with shaving foam, sand, mud and water. The children water plants in the garden or do arts and crafts activities. Children do not only improve their motor skills through these activities, they also learn about the properties and limitations of these materials. As a consequence of these activities, children may get dirty or wet when they are at our centre.

Children develop best when they feel safe and have fun. At Wonderland, your child will find a true children's paradise. A child-friendly environment where they will always find friends to play with, complemented by a staff that enjoys having a fun day with your child.

Pre-school education
This Wonderland location is certified to provide pre-school education according to the 'Piramide'-method. This method provides guidelines for the stimulation of different developmental areas. We have short talks with children, provide developmentally-oriented games, do arts and crafts activities, read to children in an interactive manner and our staff participate in the games of the children.

Baby gestures
Baby's can also understand and 'say' a lot. From the age of 10 months onwards, babies can make meaningful gestures and can indicate what the need and what they are going through to their caretakers. Research has shown that gesturing children have an advantage over non-gesturing children later in life. Gesturing children show higher scores in the areas of reading, writing and speaking. By playfully teaching your child to gesture, they will receive the best possible start in life at Wonderland.

Regular free movement is central to the physical development of your child. We use the outdoor playgrounds whenever the weather permits it. Because the play area has a partial roof, children can also play outside when it is raining. Additionally, we have a special gym studio. This is a large space where children can 'exercise' to their heart's desire. This room is intentionally kept as empty as possible, to ensure that children have space to move. Of course, there are lots of materials that can be used in developmentally-oriented movement games.

The world around us, going out
There are lots of things to discover outside of Wonderland. We take the children on outings to allow them to discover even more of the world around us. We go to the village, the petting zoo, or to Wonderland's after school care centre.

Medewerkers stralen uit dat ze plezier in hun werk hebben, daarnaast geven ze de indruk je kind ook echt te kennen.

Ouder kinderdagverblijf

Onze kinderen zwaaien ons lachend uit en we halen ze ook lachend weer op. Het welkome gevoel iedere keer dat we naar binnenlopen maakt dat ik mij iedere dag weer realiseer dat we met Wonderland een goede keuze hebben gemaakt

moeder van 2 kinderen op Wonderland Stationsweg

Op Wonderland worden er allerlei leuke activiteiten en workshops voor de peuters georganiseerd. Zo deed Taco laatst mee met een judoles. Hij vond het geweldig. Hij raakte er aan tafel niet over uitgepraat. Ik vind het super dat de kinderen al deze ervaringen opdoen!

vader van Taco (3 jaar)

Toen ik tijdens mijn zwangerschap op zoek was naar opvang voor mijn baby’tje liep ik binnen bij Wonderland. De rust, vriendelijkheid en warme sfeer pakten mij direct. Ik ben blij dat Jasmijn geniet van de rust op de speciale babygroep.

moeder van Jasmijn (4 maanden)