Wonderland Bavo
Westergracht 3
2013 ZJ  Haarlem
Phone 085 2733448

Contact person:
Annelijn van Schrier

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Opening hours:
7.30 AM-6.30 PM

LRK number: 956061473
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Wonderland Bavo Preschool

The preschool group at Wonderland Bavo is situated on the Westergracht 3 in Haarlem West. It is dedicated to children between the ages of 2 and 4. In addition to the Bavoschool, this building also houses one of our child care centres.

We offer a unique concept in Haarlem, in which your child is prepared for school in a playful manner. Children will attend extra movement activities in the adjacent playroom, such as judo, yoga, gymnastics, and dancing or simple movement games. The activity programme has been designed with children of this age in mind. The children can play outside on our partially covered green playground. The playground is a unique feature in this urban environment such as Haarlem. In addition, the staff takes the children on lots of outings, allowing them to experience the environment outside the centre. The staff is trained to work according to a pre-school education method and incorporate these activities in the daily programme.

The preschool group can only accommodate 16 children, giving this location a small-scale feel in which there is a lot of space for individual attention.

You have the option to include a hot meal for your child at the end of the day.

If you are interested in our preschool group, you can sign up for a tour and/or our services using the button below.

Would you like to take a tour after the group has started? The please feel free to fill out the form as well. We’ll contact you for an appointment.

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  Hillegom23230 Annelijn Mariastraat

Annelijn van der Schrier is location manager at Wonderland Bavo’s after school care centre, Wonderland Bavo Preschool and Wonderland Tetterode after school care centre. She leads a team of dedicated staff members.
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Wonderland Preschool Bavo distinguishes itself with:
  • High-quality child care at a friendly rate
  • Small –scale location & toddler care
  • Hot meals as an additional option
  • Guidance by a child education scientist
  • Healthy food policy
  • Development-oriented care. We work according to the Piramide pre-school education method
  • Carefree design Read More
  • Professional, familiar staff that keep development and individual attention in mind
  • Flexible trading policy
  • Movement workshops for toddlers such as judo, yoga, dance and gymnastics
  • Focus on outdoor activities, children go on lots of outings
  • Green, partially covered outside playground
  • Children will be fully prepared for primary school
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Wonderland in de media
Wonderland in de media