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Buitenschoolse opvang
Wonderland Tetterode
Tetterodeweg 15
2051 EG Overveen
T. 085 2733448

Annelijn van der Schrier

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Schoolgaande weken
Maandag, dinsdag en donderdag:
14.00-18.30 uur
Vakantie opvang
7.30-18.30 uur

LRK nummer: 305492433
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After School Care Wonderland Tetterode

New ASC location open as of May 11th!

Wonderland opens its new location ASC Wonderland Tetterode in Overveen

Wonderland Childcare is expanding and has opened its new location ASC Wonderland Tetterode in Overveen (Haarlem). This centre offers childcare for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years and is located at the Tetterode Sports Complex. We can care for up to 28 children and are open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 pm to 6.30 pm. During school holidays, schedule-free days and study days, childcare is provided all day from 7.30 am.

Lots of space in a beautiful and stimulating environment
We offer a lot of space for your child to have experiences. Inside, your child will enjoy our varied activities in the group room as well as in the gymnasium, both located in the sports complex, ensuring close interaction between the various sports. There is also a dance hall where dance workshops are given. This makes it easy to combine a sport with the ASC! For example, there is a range of professional sports lessons such as boxing lessons and boot camps offered by Zero23 boxing.
Lessons are taught in small groups and in a playful way.

COVID-19 COMMUNICATION: We follow the advice and guidelines of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and the government regarding the preventative measures against the coronavirus. Because of this we are not allowed to use the indoor sports facilities (until September 1).

We focus on experiencing nature. As often as possible, we play outside in our separate outdoor area and set off into the woods and dunes. We also do a lot of exercise and sports outdoors, such as movement games and strolls in nature. ASC Wonderland Tetterode is located in the middle of the green, amid city, beach and dunes, next to the N200 road (Haarlem-Bloemendaal aan Zee) and within walking distance of train station Overveen. The Sports Complex has a multifunctional sports hall, three paddling tracks, a dance studio and a modern indoor ski track.

A combination with our Swimming ASC Overveen/Haarlem is possible. Besides the various sports activities organised at Tetterode Sports Complex, we also offer the course swimming ASC. Your child can get the diploma under ASC time. Wonderland works together with the Nauwelaerts swimming pool.

Challenging activities for every age
Your child will have the space to make their own choices and gain a lot of experience. Your child will have the chance to participate in organised and stimulating activities every day. We have a varied holiday programme and are known for the many fun and varied excursions during these holidays.

Childcare group
We have one vertical ASC group with 28 places for children aged 4 to 12 years.
In a vertical group, children aged between 4 to 12 years sit together. In a vertical group, your child grows up with children of different ages. Some facts about vertical groups:

  • The younger children learn from the older ones.
  • The older children learn to take the younger ones into account.
  • Your child has permanent, trusted pedagogical staff and does not have to change rooms.
  • Your child grows up with other children which results in earlier friendships.
  • Your child can more easily be placed in one group with siblings.
  • If there are not many children in a group, it may be that there are no peers to play with.
  • There are more activities for all ages. As a result, there is less focus on age-related activities.

Schools where we pick up children
We pick up children on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from several schools in Overveen and surroundings, such as Beatrixschool Haarlem (Haarlem), Aloysiusschool (Overveen), Julianaschool (Overveen) and Queen Wilhelmina School (Overveen).
Upon consultation, children from schools other than those mentioned above can also join our ASC. We pick up the children from school.

  Hillegom23230 Annelijn Mariastraat

Annelijn van der Schrier is location manager at Wonderland Bavo’s after school care centre, Wonderland Bavo Preschool and Wonderland Tetterode ASC. She leads a team of dedicated staff members.
Learn more about the location manager.


After School Care Wonderland Tetterode stands out for:

  • Professional, trusted employees with an eye for development and individual attention.
  • Varied activities, workshops (including dance), excursions and fun holiday programs.
  • Weekly offer of professional sports lessons such as boxing and boot camp.
  • Possibility to join our Swimming ASC. Your child can get the diploma under ASC time.
  • Attention to experiencing nature. We go out in the woods and dunes as often as possible.
  • We pick up children from several schools.
  • A conscious nutritional policy with daily supply of fresh fruit.
  • Private indoor space in a homely atmosphere and lots of outdoor playgrounds and opportunities for sports.
  • Guidance by our own pedagogue and pedagogical specialist.
  • Flexible daycare with possibility to exchange days.
  • Parents' app, with regular updates and photos.
Combination with Swimming ASC is possible

It is possible to join our Wonderland Swimming ASC.

Eager to know more? Interested in the after school care at this location?

Then request a tour. We will contact you to make an appointment. You can also sign up directly.




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