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Wonderland Maasdamlaan
Van der Duyn van Maasdamlaan 5
2181 XA  Hillegom
T. 085 2733443

Wendy van Egmond

Stuur een email

maandag t/m vrijdag
van 7:30-18:30 uur

LRK nummer: 190910185
GGD inspectierapport

Day care centre Wonderland Maasdamlaan

Leading up to the opening of the new IKC Wonderland opened location Wonderland Maasdamlaan.

Day care and after school care Wonderland Maasdamlaan can be found at the Van der Duyn van Maasdamlaan in Hillegom. It is situated close to primary school De Leerwinkel in the Meer en Dorp neighborhood (Centrum district). This building also houses our after school care location BSO Wonderland Maasdamlaan. This provides children with a smooth transfer from day care to after school care. It’s also very convenient for parents, especially parents who have children in several age categories.

We offer your child a lot of space so that they can discover things on their own. Inside, we have large development-oriented indoor spaces that have a homey atmosphere and outside we have a lot of space for play. There is a separate garden for children aged 0-2. They can use it to play with other children their age.

  Wendy van Egmond

Wendy van Egmond is location manager at DC/ASC Wonderland Maasdamlaan and day care centre Wonderland Stationsweg.

She leads a team of dedicated child care professionals.

We have two groups:

- A baby group (0-2 years, a horizonal group)
- An infant-toddler group for children 1-4 (vertical group)

Creating a good basis

We offer children a safe place with a homey atmosphere. An environment where trust, fun, development and adventure are top priorities. Guided by our professional, well-educated staff, we offer your child the best start in life. Offering various experiences is central to what we do. Our baby group’s prime focus is care: tranquility, safety and trust are central to everything we do in this group. Toddlers are challenged with various activities and are prepared for primary school in a playful manner. That’s how we offer a good basis for further growth to children.

All-inclusive care

Providing a good basis also means that we offer the children nutritious food. Is your child attending our centre? Then you will not need to bring any food with you. We make sure they get a hot meal at lunchtime and fresh fruit in the afternoon. Your child will have eaten the recommended daily dosage of fruit and vegetables when you pick them up at Wonderland. For the smallest children we have Nutrilon 1 and 2 baby food. We also provide diapers, sunscreen and sleeping bags – all of which are included in our fee.

Child care centre Wonderland Maasdamlaan distinguishes itself with:

  • Professional child care staff who keep an eye on your child’s development and provide them with individual attention.
  • All-inclusive care. Hot meals for the children at lunchtime. We have a special nutrition policy.
  • Large indoor spaces and two separate outdoor playgrounds especially designed for children aged 0-2 and 2-4.
  • Guided by our child education scientist and child education specialist.
  • Development-oriented care. At our child care centre, we use the Pyramid method for pre-school education. This method aims to stimulate your child’s development. Learn more about the pyramid method, and how we apply it at Wonderland.
  • Trading service.
  • A parent app with regular updates and photos.
  • A smooth transfer to our after school care group. Wonderland ASC Maasdamlaan is situated in the same building. Care at this location can be combined with other locations, such as ASC Mariastraat, ASC Fontein, SportASC and the SwimASC, which means your child can do sports or obtain their swimming diplomas during after school care hours. SwimASC is offered at our location ASC Mariastraat.
  • A smooth transfer to primary school.
  • Varied activities, workshops and outings.
Wonderland in de media
Wonderland in de media
Wonderland in de media
Wonderland in de media


Calculate your net cost via our cost calculator.

You can request a tour. You can also sign your child up online (our preferred option), via email or via telephone  (085 2733440).

Interested in sending your child to this location? You can sign up here.


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