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After school care
Wonderland Rijnsoever
Jacob Catsstraat 25
2221 JA Katwijk
T. 06 82454549

Contact person:
Juliëtte Bots
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Opening hours:
School weeks
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday:
2.00-6.30 PM
Holiday weeks
7.30 AM-6.30 PM

LRK number: 293961840
GGD inspection report

After School Care Wonderland Rijnsoever

New ASC location opening soon!

Wonderland opens its new location ASC Wonderland Rijnsoever in Katwijk

Wonderland Child Care Centre is expanding and will open its new location ASC Wonderland Rijnsoever in the Rijnsoever sports hall in Katwijk soon. We have 22 places for children between the ages of 4 and 12 and are open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 14.00 to 18.30 hours. During school vacations, days without classes and study days Wonderland Rijnsoever will provide care from 7.30 am. 

Central location and facilities for sports and exercise both indoors and outdoors 
We offer your child the space to have (new) experiences. Indoors, your child will enjoy the various activities in the group room as well as in the sports hall, both in the same building. We are working closely with our Outdoor ASC Pinkeltjesland in Noordwijk. This is located on the grounds of 's Heerenloo between Katwijk and Noordwijk. Here, nature and outdoor play are an essential part of our daily program. Each day we take the children to the park, the gardens and the dunes. Together we organize exciting activities and during the vacations we provide care for the children of Wonderland Rijnsoever on this location. We will then join the ASC children.


  Juliette Bots

Juliëtte Bots is location manager of ASC Wonderland Rijnsoever, ASC Pinkeltjesland and DC Pinkeltjesland. She leads the dedicated team of ASC care tutors.



Challenging activities for all ages
We will provide your child the space to make its own choices and gain lots of experience. Each day your child can choose to participate in organized and challenging activities. We have a varied vacation program where we join our Outdoor ASC Pinkeltjesland in Noordwijk. Here nature and outdoor play are an essential part of our daily program. Each day we take the children out in the park, the gardens and the dunes.

Childcare group
We have one vertical ASC group with 22 places for children aged 4 to 12. A vertical group has children of different ages from 4 to 12, so in a vertical group your child will grow up with children of different ages. Benefits of vertical groups include:
  • Younger children learn from the older children.
  • Older children learn to be considerate of the younger children.
  • Your child usually has the same pedagogical staff (familiar faces) and does not have to change rooms.
  • Your child grows up together with the other children and friendships are more likely to develop.
  • Your child can easily be placed in one group with siblings.
  • If there are not many children in the group, there may not be any peers to play with.
  • With more activities for various ages there is less focus on age related activities.

Schools where we pick up children
We pick up children on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from several schools in Katwijk, including the Marnixschool and the Brugghenschool. By agreement, children of other schools are also welcome at our ASC.

CORONA (AND SPORTS / ACTIVITIES): We will follow the RIVM and the government advice and guidelines regarding the imposed corona measures. On the RIVM website you can read more about the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak and the possibility to play sports or participate in sports events. This page is divided into 6 parts: summary of the rules for sports, competitions and tournaments, indoor and outdoor sports, swimming, organizations and employees and sports events and activities.

After School Care Wonderland Rijnsoever stands out for:

  • Professional, trustworthy employees with a good eye for development and attention for individual children.
  • Varied activities, workshops and excursions and fun vacation programs.
  • Attention for sports and nature experience.
  • An informed choice about a healthy diet with daily fresh fruit.
  • Own indoor space in a homely atmosphere and lots of outdoor playgrounds and opportunities for sports.
  • Support of our own educationalist and pedagogical specialist.
  • Flexible exchange service.
  • Parents app, with regular updates and photos.
Are you interested in our care for your child at this location?

Why not find out about us and take a guided tour. At this moment this is only possible by sending an e-mail to ASC Wonderland Rijnsoever. We will contact you for an appointment. In the near future it will also be possible to request a guided tour via the website and to register.




Wonderland in de media
Wonderland in de media



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