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Mariska Hoos
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Wonderland SwimASC

Wonderland SwimASC offers:

  • After school care for children from the ages of 4 to 12.
  • The opportunity of obtaining the A & B diploma.
  • Two swimming lessons on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, the lessons take place during the same afternoon
  • Swimming lessons all year round, except for national holidays and a few weeks during the school holidays. When your child is not attending a swimming lesson, they are welcome to stay at their own after school care location.
  • Transportation to the pool by taxi.
  • Swimming lessons during ASC hours.
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Mariska is Location Manager at Wonderland ZwemASC. She leads a team of enthusiastic and active staff members.      

What is SwimASC?

The SwimASC at Wonderland offers children the opportunity to obtain their swimming diploma during after school care hours. The children will attend two swimming lessons during one afternoon. The swimming lessons will be taught at de Sportplaza swimming pool in Heemstede. At the pool, the children will be guided by a Wonderland staff member and a certified swimming instructor.


Register and payment

Registrations can be made on the website of the SportPlaza swimming pool in Heemstede. From the day of registration, the children have free access to recreational swimming in the pool. All children receive their own lesson card / magnetic card that stays at the swimming location. You will receive a digital invoice from the pool every four weeks. They upgrade the card upon receipt of the tuition fee. The tuition fee is € 58.00 per four weeks.

Children who are ill are logged out of the lesson via Wonderland. When a child has not been present, the lessons will expire.

For new registrations for the swimming lessons, you can register your child at the SportPlaza swimming pool in Heemstede. As soon as the swimming pool has places available, they contact Wonderland to agree which children can start on any date. As from then, Wonderland will start the costs for transport.

Because the swimming pool works with the North region and the BSO with the Midden region, it is possible that the holidays differ from each other. No swimming lessons take place during the summer holidays in the North region. In the other school holidays the swimming lessons go to the morning. If the children of the BSO are in school, there is no swimming lesson and the invoice is adjusted. This is around the summer and autumn holidays.


The costs

The costs of the SwimASC consist of the regular rate of the pool plus additional charges for the taxi van to the pool.
The transportation to the pool is done by ATAX Taxi.

The transport costs are € 9.96 per child per day and we have decided to continue charging the current rate of € 7.20 per day for the parents. Wonderland will continue to contribute the other costs. This means that we will not charge higher transport costs from 1 February than you are used to from us.

We will recalculate the transport costs for the summer holidays of 2019. If there are changes in the form of transport or charged transport costs, we will inform you.


A list of our features:

  • Swimming during ASC hours
  • Two swimming lessons in one afternoon
  • Regular rates, plus (limited) additional charges for transportation
  • Parents do not have to bring their children to the pool during their time off



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