After school care
Wonderland Mariastraat
Mariastraat 20
2181 CT Hillegom
Phone 085 2733444

Contact person:
Mariska Hoos

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Opening hours:
Monday untill Friday: 14.30-18.30 hour
Wednesday from 12.00 hour
Friday possible from 11.30 hour
Holiday weeks: 7.30-18.30 hour
PSC (pre-school care):
From 7.30 hour
Flexible possible from 7.00 hour

LRK number: 161337880
GGD inspection report

Holiday programs:
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Wonderland Mariastraat

Wonderland after school care is situated in the centre of the town, behind the Johannesschool. Unique is our division into four different age groups. We offer outside play areas, allowing younger and older children to play outside separately. We also have a vegetable garden and an arts and crafts room.

  Hillegom Mariska

Mariska is Location Manager at Wonderland after school care Mariastraat. She leads a team of enthusiastic and active staff members.
Learn more about the people in our team.

Wonderland Mariastraat distinguishes itself with:

  • We are known for the many outings during vacations. Learn more
  • Friday after school care from 11.30 onward. Learn more
  • Option to take dancing classes by Martha de Rijk. Learn more
  • Sports twice a week by the neighbourhood sports coach. Learn more
  • Broad and diverse activity programmes. Learn more
  • Music lessons taught by the music school in Hillegom. Learn more
  • Carefree design. Learn more
  • Guided by a child education scientist and specialist to ensure high educational standards at our centre
  • Healthy food policy
  • Various care packages, allowing you to choose the care package that works best of you
  • Flexible exchange service
  • Digital parent portal, with daily updates and pictures of the activities
  • Swimming lessons during ASC time. Learn more
  • Top group: special group for the older kids Learn more
  • Together with all the primary schools in Hillegom, we participate in the Kanjertraining. This means we have a continuing line of guidance for the children at school and at our after school care centre
  • Pre-school care (PSC). Learn more

Gewoon een goede Kinderopvang.

Stien De Vormer-Musch

Super leuk. Lieve juffies leuke activiteiten. Ook de bso is top.

Jolanda Bouckaert

Aandacht voor ieder kind en plezier voor alle kinderen, daar draait BSO voor mij om.

Liesbeth Schelvis, Locatiemanager


Wonderland opent haar nieuwe locatie BSO Wonderlan...
14 May 2020 08:17

14 Mei 2020 - Wonderland Kinderopvang breidt uit en heeft haar nieuwe locatie BSO Wonderland Tetterode in Overveen geopend. Deze locatie biedt kinderopvang voor kinderen in de leeftijd van 4 tot 12 jaar en is gevestigd in het Sportcomplex Tetter  ... 

E-book Samen thuis
01 Apr 2020 08:17

1 april 2020 - Zoals iedereen wel inmiddels weet, zijn de maatregelen verlengd tot 28 april en moeten we dus allemaal nog iets langer thuis zitten. Daarom hebben wij als organisatie iets leuks gemaakt wat je thuis met je kind kan doen. Namelijk   ... 

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