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The headquarter of Wonderland Kinderopvang is situated in Leiden. Several Wonderland Kinderopvang related services are facilitated here. You can reach us for questions about administrative manners, schedules and finances.
Our headquarter is open from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 5 pm and you can reach us at 085 2733440.

Vondellaan 45
2332 AA Leiden 

Wonderland group

Wonderland group is a group consisting of 6 childcare organisations situated at various locations. The organisation offers childcare (0-4 years), preschool (2-4 years) and after school care (4-12 years). Each organisation has its own identity and profile, because we believe in local entrepreneurship and decentralised responsibilities for our locations.

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Our childcare organisations are: Wonderland Kinderopvang (situated in Leiden, Hillegom en Haarlem), PetitPetit Kinderopvang (situated in Breukelen), Kinderopvang Kikker Rik (situated in Hilversum), Kinderopvang Pinkeltjesland (situated in Noordwijk), Kinderopvang Baarn (situated in Baarn) en ZorgBSO de Vrije Vogel (situated in Leiden).

In total, Wonderland Group has 30 childcare locations and has 320 staff members.