Wonderland day care

a safe start (0-4 years)

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From rolling over, bum shuffling or crouching to the first steps, running and playing together with other children. It’s incredible how many things your child learns during the first years of their life. And so fast! Not just at home, but also at day care.

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On an adventure together at Wonderland

At Wonderland, we find every stage of your child’s development of equal importance. We stimulate your child’s development with age appropriate activities.

At our day care facility your child will begin an adventure together with Wonderland. Your child will start to discover, gain experiences and create beautiful memories. Positive experiences and fond memories will ensure that your child, and you, enjoy coming to Wonderland. Together with other children your child will engage in all kinds of activities, discovering and experiencing all kinds of new things. In a safe and comfortable environment, where he or she feels completely at ease. Just like home. Your child can rely on permanent staff members who to listen to him or her with loving attention. Every day with the same caring passion for children.

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The qualities of Wonderland’s day care at a glance

  • Various locations, allowing you to select the day care location that suits your child best
  • Attention to sports and exercise, nature and culture
  • A variety of day care packages, enabling you to choose day care that matches your needs
  • Some locations also provide after school care. Ideal for parents with children of various ages.
  • Coaching by Wonderland’s own pedagogue and pedagogical specialists, ensuring the best quality day care. And every child has his or her own mentor.
  • Development oriented care based on the pre-school education method Piramide
  • A wide range of activities, offering the children a multitude of experiences and opportunities to develop at the day care facility
  • Fully catered care

Why choose for Day Care at Wonderland?

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Day care that suits your child

Every Wonderland day care facility has its own character, atmosphere and group composition. This way, you can choose the location that suits you and your child best.

Day care in a peer group or in a mixed age group (0 - 4 years)

Would you like your child to join a peer group, consisting of children of the same age (horizontal day care)? Or do you prefer a mixed-age group, consisting of children with ages ranging from 0 to 4 years (vertical day care)?

Coaching by Wonderland’s own pedagogue and pedagogical specialists

Wonderland has its own pedagogue and each location has its own pedagogical specialists. They are there to ensure that our staff maintain their high quality of care. Together we create a safe, healthy and challenging environment. In addition, your child will have their own mentor. This mentor will at the same time function as the contact person for both you and child.

Special baby group

For our youngest we have a special baby group. Our staff members take great care to maintain a calm environment in this group. Your child is able to follow his or her own rhythm from home.

Extra attention to babies toddlers and preschoolers

For parents with babies we regularly organise baby massage classes. We also offer extracurricular activities for parents with toddlers and preschoolers. Workshops, for instance.

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Preparation for primary school

Our special care staff for preschoolers coach your child using the pre-school education method Piramide*. This method helps preschoolers to optimise their development in all kinds of area’s. An excellent preparation for primary school. Your child will, for instance, learn to sit in a circle, wait for its turn and to play with other children.
* Playgroup De Uitkijck at Baarn uses the method Puk & Ko

Transition to after school care

Is your child about to start primary school and have your registered him or her at one of our facilities for after school care? Then we will go and pay this location a visit together in advance. This will allow your child to get acquainted to the facility, which will make the upcoming transition a lot easier for them.

Playing outside, discovering the world around us

Outside, in the vicinity of Wonderland’s day care facility, there are many things for your child to discover. That is why Wonderland encourages the children to go and play outside in our challenging outdoor playing areas as much as possible. Several locations have a vegetable garden, where the children grow their own vegetables, cultivate fruits and take care of plants. How proud they are at harvesting time! Of course they are. Nothing tastes better than your own home-grown strawberries, tomatoes and apples!
Additionally, we often leave the facility. Out we go, with our old-fashioned handcart, for a walk into nature! To the woods, the dunes or the beach. Or to a supermarket, a petting zoo or our after school location. These excursions enable your child to discover all kinds of interesting places during his or her stay at Wonderland.

Fully catered care, including a healthy warm lunch

When your child is at Wonderland, we take care of everything. For the youngest children we have Nutrilon 1 and 2 infant formula, as well as diapers, sun lotion and sleeping bags. And we take your child’s allergies into account. Of course we do. We choose to offer the children as many healthy products as possible. For lunch your child will enjoy a tasty and healthy warm meal. Because, as the Dutch saying goes: ‘zien eten, doet eten’ (seeing others eat, stimulates the appetite). At Wonderland, having our meals together means we discover all kinds of new tastes. Besides, most children are better eaters at lunch time than at dinner time. Isn’t it good to know your child has already had all important nutrients when it returns home from Wonderland!? At most locations the hot lunch is included in the fee (at the play groups it is not included). On the location pages you can find if the hot lunch is included in the fee.

Attention to sports and exercise

Moving around freely is not just fun, it is also very beneficial to your child’s physical development. That is why a number of Wonderland’s facilities have indoor playgrounds, as well as a gym and exercise studios. There we offer preschooler dance, preschooler yoga or sports workshops and preschooler bootcamp. And, in any case, we play and exercise outside as much as possible, the whole year round.

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Certified and specialized

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Allow your child to have the best development

We find it very important to provide you and your child with the best possible start at our day care facilities. That is why we invite you to visit one of our locations for an introduction and to have a guided tour. You are very welcome to drop by one of our facilities and get a taste of the atmosphere. It will be an excellent opportunity to ask all your questions.