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Paula Bernsen, Directeur Wonderland groepPaula Bernsen, directeur Wonderland groep ‘Who doesn’t melt away at the smile of a child?’ That’s how I started my letter of application at Wonderland Kinderopvang. Thirteen years down the road, I’m still working at our centre. During these years, I have held various positions but I have always worked at the same organisation.

While working as a child education scientist I discovered what I believe is important in how children experience a childcare centre. From January 2016, I have had the honor to work as director of this organisation.

Wonderland Group is made up out of several child care organisations:: Kinderopvang Baarn, Wonderland Kinderopvang, PetitPetit Kinderopvang, Kinderopvang Kikker Rik, Pinkeltjesland and ZorgBSO de Vrije Vogel.

“Wonderland provides children with space” is our brand promise. This applies to our children, but it also applies to our staff. We work in a decentralised manner, to ensure that our services are attuned to the wishes of both the children and the parents. At the same time, it allows our staff to contribute their own signature to the organisation. With the help of more than 200 enthusiastic child care professionals, I give it my very best every day.

My family consists of my husband Robin and my three children Peppijn (5), Flore (4) and Imme (2).


Hoe bewust ben jij als leidinggevende?
29 Jul 2018 15:04Hoe bewust ben jij als leidinggevende?

Juli 2018 - Vorig jaar schreef ik al een blog over pedagogisch bewust handelen naar kinderen toe. Maar hoe zit dit eigenlijk voor leidinggevenden? Zij werken weliswaar minder of helemaal niet met kinderen maar staan toch regelmatig voor een pedagogis  ... 

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