After school care groups

group types and possibilities

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At Wonderland you can choose if you want to let your child join an after school peer group, consisting only of children of the same age. Or if you rather like your child to join a mixed-age group, consisting of 4 to 12 year olds. We call this ‘age based day care in a horizontal or a vertical group’. Both group types have distinguishing characteristics and advantages.

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But that is not the only choice you have. Wonderland offers many other options for after school care. Like day care specifically for the holidays, day care for the early morning when school has not yet started and day care for the school’s lunch break. Additionally, we offer theme based day care, like After School Swimming, After School Sports, After School Open-Air and After School Riding. And you have the possibility to combine these options. In other words: we offer your child plenty of opportunity to discover all kinds of things during his or her free time, and to go on an adventure together with Wonderland.

The horizontal group

peer group

De voordelen van een horizontale BSO-groep:

  • Adjusted to the developmental level of your child, his or her needs and interests
  • The activities and play materials are even better attuned to you child’s age
  • Parents recognise certain behaviour in each other’s children and are able to share experiences
  • Children make friends with their peers and play together
  • Over time the group will continue to offer your child challenges
  • A balanced daily routine

Wonderland also offers group care for toddlers (aged 2 to 4 years)!


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The vertical group

mixed ages, from 4 to 12 years

Our vertical groups are mixed age groups, consisting of children of children from 4 to 12 years of age. In these groups the children learn a lot from each other. Younger children observe the skills of older children, while older kids learn a lot from their interactions with younger children. A vertical after school group is particularly suitable for children sensitive to change. And for parents who prefer to have brothers and sisters in the same group together.

Advantages of the vertical group:

  • Your child remains in the same group for the entire period of after school care.
  • Our staff members will get to know your child through and through, enabling them to respond to your child’s individual needs even better.
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  • Younger children learn from older children, older children help younger children
  • The group stimulates the development of your child’s social skills, like showing consideration for each other.
  • Parents learn from each other and see that certain behaviour may be age-bound.
  • Over the years both parents and child will deal with the same staff members, creating a trusting relationship.
  • Your child will participate in the activities at his or her own level.
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On the location pages you can read which group type(s) there are at the location of your choice.

Holiday Care

After school care during school holidays

At Wonderland holidays really are holidays. They are a time for doing all kinds of extra cool and fun things. At the after school care facility we often organise larger scale activities, like cooking or playing more elaborate games. Or we set out for an excursion to a museum, the woods, the beach or a play paradise for children. Sometimes we travel by train. For many children that is quite a happening!

During the school holidays your child is welcome at our after school care facilities too. Obviously, supervision is still in the hands of the same professional and passionate staff members as during the school weeks. Most locations are open between 7:30 and 18:30. During the holidays, however, it may happen that after school care is provided at another location. In that case, your child will play with the children of a different group.

During the holidays the opening hours of various locations may differ. For correct information, please check the page dedicated to the after school care facility of your choice.

Early Morning Care

Care before the school day starts

Sometimes, as a parent, you need to set out quite early and you do not have the time to quietly bring your child to school in peace. Wonderland’s Early Morning Care may then be a nice solution. With this type of after school care your child is welcome at Wonderland from 7:30. Here, your child will quietly begin the day. With something to drink and a tasty piece of fruit. And all of Wonderland’s toys to play with. One of our staff members will bring your child to school in time.

Please note: locations may offer Early Morning Care at different times. For correct information, please read the page dedicated to the day care location of your choice.

Lunch Time Care

Child care during the lunch break

At several locations Wonderland provides Lunch Time Care during the school’s lunch break. The registration for and payment of this service are handled by the schools.

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After School Swimming, After School Sports, After School Open-Air, After School Riding and more

After School Swimming

Wonderland After School Swimming unburdens you while your child has his or her weekly swimming lessons and obtains their swimming certificate. How enjoyable that they can do this together with children they know from Wonderland! A very convenient arrangement, allowing you and your child some extra time together to do fun things on your day off.

The children participating in After School Swimming are picked up from school by our staff. Together they go to the swimming pool, where your child is offered something to eat and drink. Then it is time their swimming lesson. After the children, under supervision of our staff, have put on their clothes again, it is time to return to Wonderland.

During the swimming lesson our staff will stay in the swimming pool. So there is always someone present your child knows and trusts.

The instructors and coördinator at the swimming pool closely monitor your child’s progress. Viewing lessons, held on a regular basis, offer parents the opportunity to admire the progress of their child’s swimming skills with their own eyes.

For more information about the locations where we offer After School Swimming, the way to register and the fees involved, please read the page on After School Swimming.

After School Sports

Does your child like to exercise and does he or she enjoy sports? Then Wonderland After School Sports at Hillegom, Leiden and Baarn may offer a nice way to let off steam after school. We also offer sports workshops and clinics. Under the supervision of sports instructors the children will learn the rules and principles of various sports. And there is always a soccer field available. In other words: at After School Sports your child has every opportunity to enjoy lots of after school fun through physical exercise.

For additional information about the locations where we offer After School Sports, please read the location pages of our after school care facilities at Hillegom, Leiden and Baarn.

After School Open-Air

At this after school facility facility we set out each afternoon to discover the world outside and make our discoveries there. Only when the weather is very bad we stay inside to play games or do some crafting. Wonderland ASC Hertenlaan in Noordwijk, which is situated next to woodlands, the dunes and the sea, is a great place to be. For detailed information, please have a look at the page dedicated to this location.

After School Riding

Is your child a horse girl or boy? Our after school care facilities in Baarn offer After School Riding: after school care that allows your child to follow workshops horseback riding. For this we cooperate with the riding school.

For more information, please have a look at the pages dedicated to our Wonderland after school care facilities in Baarn.

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