Wonderland After School Care

for your 4 to 12 year old child

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How does your child like to spend his or her free time? Do they want to play with other children or do they prefer to quietly discover new things on their own?

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At Wonderland after school care many things are possible

Our staff members organise many cool and challenging activities. Besides, there is a lot of room for the ideas children think up. And we will bring your child to ballet, sports or music. Or to their swimming or riding lessons, of course.


At the Wonderland after school care facility your child will go on an adventure together with Wonderland. He or she will make a real journey of discovery, gaining many new experiences along the way. It is all about making discoveries, gaining experiences and creating happy memories. Each and every one of them a building block in the structure of his or her unique personality. That is why both you and your child enjoy coming to Wonderland.

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Being yourself

We create a safe and comfortable environment where your child feels completely at ease. Just like home. And we take over your responsibility for a couple of hours. Your child can rely on permanent staff members who to listen to him or her with loving attention. Every day with the same caring passion for children.

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What makes us different?

Wonderland after school care consists of care before the school day starts (Early Morning Care), care after the school day has finished (After School Care), care during the lunch break (Lunch Time Care) and care during school holidays (Holiday Care).

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Wonderland distinguishes itself by:

  • Many locations and a wide variety of day care packages.
  • The possibility to combine after school care from different locations.
  • Coaching by our own pedagogue and pedagogical specialists. Every child has their own mentor.
  • A wide variety of activities. You child will gain many new experiences.
  • Attention to sports and exercise, culture and nature. And, additionally, unique services like After School Sports, After School Open-Air, After School Riding and After School Swimming.
  • Extra’s during the school holidays.
  • Some locations also accommodate a day care facility. Ideal for brothers and sisters.
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Why choose for Wonderland After School Care?

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Day care that suits your child

Wonderland offers after school care on various locations. Every location has its own character, atmosphere and group composition. This variety enables you to select the day care location that suits both you and your child best.

During his or her time at Wonderland, your child will turn from a toddler into a twelve-year-old and make huge steps in his or her development. Each of these steps imposes its own requirements on your child’s day care. To continually check which location suits your child best, our staff members will occasionally invite the children to go and spend the afternoon at another Wonderland location. To find day care matching your child’s needs, moreover, you can combine the services of various after school care locations. (For details, please visit the page dedicated to the after school facility of your choice.) And, on top of that, you can choose the best suitable day care package or group type. You can, for instance, choose for day care in a peer group (horizontal day care) or for day care in a mixed-age group, consisting of children from 4 to 12 years of age (vertical day care).

Coaching by our own pedagogue and pedagogical specialists

Wonderland has its own pedagogue and each location has its own pedagogical specialists. They are there to ensure that our staff members maintain their high quality of care. Together we create a safe, healthy and challenging environment. In addition, your child will have its own mentor. This mentor will at the same time function as the contact person for both you and child.

Live your own adventure!

Does your child love music, engineering or painting? At Wonderland’s after school care facility your child gets every opportunity to discover what they like best and what they are good at. This way, your child will gain a lot of new experiences, the building blocks of his or her future. Together with Wonderland your child is on an adventurous journey of discovery. Our staff will make this journey even more interesting by inviting the children to participate in a wide variety of activities and workshops.

Brimming with activities

At Wonderland’s after school care locations the children themselves have a say in the way the spaces are arranged. And in the activity program too. Some locations have a drama corner, with clothes that the children can use to dress themselves up when performing their self made plays. And there is always a cozy corner where your child can craft or draw. At After School Sports he or she can use up all their energy and get acquainted with various sports. Several locations have their own sports field or gym.

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Top group

To offer the oldest children new challenges, Wonderland has introduced the top group. This group is a kind of club for the oldest children. In this club, they engage in activities matching their age. When they become a member of this club, the children soon are increasingly independent. For the supervision of the top groups, their special care staff have received a specific training.

Attention for sports and exercise

Young children often have a great need to move about freely. Wonderland offers them plenty of opportunities to do so. You can sign your child up for Wonderland After School Sports, for example. An option for after school care that you can combine with after school care provided by one of our other locations.

Wonderland After School Sports offers a program brimful of sports oriented activities and workshops. Wonderland’s professional sports coördinators introduce the children to the rules and principles of various sports. And there is always a soccer field available. In other words: at Wonderland After School Sports your child has every opportunity to enjoy lots of after school fun through physical exercise.

Fully catered care

Wonderland’s after school care is fully catered. When your child is at Wonderland, we take care of everything. Food and drinks are supplied by Wonderland. We offer your child the healthiest products possible. Our food policy is based on the guidelines of the Netherland’s Nutrition Centre.

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Going to primary school and attending after school care?

Is your child about to start or has he or she just started primary school? Then you are going through quite an exciting time. How will things go at school? Will you son or daughter enjoy it? How will he or she adjust to school?

At about the same time many children make their start at after school care. We have established excellent working relationships with almost every school. Some of our after school care facilities are even located inside a school.

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It is very important to us that you and your child have the best possible start at Wonderland. That is why we offer you assistance even before you have signed up for day care. First and foremost, you and your child are both very welcome to come and visit one of our day care facilities for a guided tour. This will help you to select the location that suits your child, and you, best. Shortly before your child starts day care, we further our acquaintance. We inform you how things are organised at the after school care location. We share your wishes and expectations. And of course your son or daughter is most welcome to spend a couple of hours with us. After he or she has become acquainted with the facility, it will be a lot easier for them to make their start with after school care.

Allow your child the opportunity to gain beautiful experiences

Come and have a look at Wonderland.

Are you considering having day care for your child? We would like to share your thoughts and invite you to visit Wonderland to experience all our great qualities yourself. We find it very important to provide you and your child with the best possible start at our day care facilities. That is why we invite you to visit one of our locations for an introduction and to have a guided tour. You are very welcome to drop by and get a taste of the atmosphere at one of our facilities. It will be an excellent opportunity to ask all your questions.