About Wonderland Childcare

Together on an adventure

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Wonderland wants to offer your child the best place to grow and develop. A safe environment, yet with plenty of challenges. By gaining his or her own experiences. And by playfully making discoveries.

To achieve this, we provide premium quality professional childcare. With a team of passionate staff members, a pedagogue and pedagogical specialists. All this, of course, in close contact with the parents.

We look forward to meet you and your child in one of our day care locations soon. Together we will discover your adventure.

Who are we?

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About Wonderland Childcare

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Wonderland provides professional childcare on thirty locations in the Netherlands. At these locations you will find day care facilities (0 to 4 years), preschool groups (2 to 4 years) and after school care locations (4 to 12 years). We have childcare facilities in Baarn, Breukelen, Haarlem, Hillegom, Hilversum, Katwijk, Leiden, Noordwijk and Overveen. Every location has its own character, atmosphere, size and group composition. This way, you as a parent can choose the location that suits you and your child best.

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Wonderland is a member of the Babilou Family, a community of childcare professionals from 12 countries, who passionately devote themselves to provide the best possible childcare every day. Babilou Family, originally a French family enterprise, was founded in 2003. The organisation has a lot of knowledge and expertise with respect to pedagogics. The Babilou Family’s view on children matches our own child vision: ‘I believe in myself, I am constantly learning, I am discovering the world’.

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Paula Bernsen

Managing Director of Wonderland Childcare

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The ambition of Wonderland Childcare

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At Wonderland you go on an adventure together. As a child, as a parent or as a staff member. Together we begin a journey of discovery, offering your child the best place to grow and develop. From a newborn baby to an independent, self-assured, socially proficient child. Professionally, somewhat self-willed and full of caring passion, Wonderland’s staff members daily devote themselves to offer guidance to ‘our’ children. Because we want to give them the best. In an environment that is safe, yet full of challenges. By gaining experiences of your own. By playfully making discoveries. By playing together with other children. We encourage the children to grow and develop themselves. With a team of passionate staff members, a pedagogue and pedagogical specialists. All that, of course, in close contact with the parents. That is our power and that is our ambition.

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On the Testimonials page a number of parents and children share their experiences.

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The Parents’ Committees of Wonderland Childcare

The parents and caretakers of each of Wonderland’s childcare locations are represented by a Parents’ Committee. This committee is therefore an important link in the communication between Wonderland and the parents/caretakers. Members of the Parents’ Committees represent the interests of the parents and their children and contribute to establishing a good relationship with Wonderland’s pedagogical staff. The Parents’ Committee can also offer suggestions on how the services of Wonderland may be improved.

Through the Parents’ Committees, the parents stay well informed about the developments in our organisation. And we remain well informed about the wishes of the parents. To us that is of great importance, because we aspire to match our services as close as possible to the needs of parents.

Every Parents’ Committee convenes a couple of times a year to talk about current issues and to review the location’s state of affairs with the location manager.

The Parents’s Committee’s advisory right

The Parents’s Committee has the right to offer both solicited and unsolicited advise on:

  • the way we put our quality policy into practice, notably our pedagogical policy (concerning the quality of our staff, the composition of the group and the pedagogical policy),
  • our general policy regarding food, education, safety and health,
  • the opening hours,
  • our policy on preschool education for children from 0 to 4 years of age,
  • adoption and adaptation of the complaints procedure,
  • changes in the fees for childcare.

These advisory rights are included in the Childcare Act (Wet kinderopvang, Dutch only).

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General information about the Parents’ Committee

Through the links below you can find more information (in Dutch only) about the parents’ committees. The information is provided by BOinK, the Dutch national association promoting the representation of parents’ interests in childcare.
• de adviesprocedure en advies uitbrengen (On the Parents’ Committee’s Advisory Right)
• de twee belangrijke verantwoordelijkheden van de oudercommissie (On two important responsibilities of the Parents’ Committee)

• On BOinK’s website you’ll find brochures, factsheets and other documents relevant to parents’ committees, like the brochure ‘De Oudercommissie – medezeggenschap, adviesrecht en de achterban’ (The Parents’ Committee – co-determination, advisory right and the represented parents) and the brochure ‘Communicatie door de oudercommissie’ (Communication through the Parents’ Committee).

Members of the Parents’ Committee

You can find the names of the members of the Parents’ Committee of your Wonderland childcare location on the Wonderland’s Parent Portal (soon).

Would you like to (informally) attend a meeting of one of our Parents’ Committees? Or would you like to become a member of one of our Parents’ Committees? You are more than welcome!

Are there any questions you would like to ask one of our Parents’ Committees? Please send an email to the Parents’ Committee of the childcare location your child attends.

Charities and sponsorship

Wonderland Childcare gives aid to children far away and close by

Wonderland Childcare likes to make its contribution to a better world. Every year we reserve funds for sponsoring and to support charities.

News and Blogs

On our News and blogs page you’ll find interesting articles, news updates about Wonderland and the blog posts of managing director Paula Bernsen. Through this page you can also access online brochures about subjects related to Wonderland’s childcare.

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Our policy

Making proper arrangements is important to warrant a high level of quality. That is why we have formulated our policies in various fields. If you are interested to read more about this, please visit the Our policies. Through this page you get access to a lot of information. From our pedagogical policy, our sick leave policy, our safety and health policies, to our policy on food, the rules governing our swapping service and our protocols on transportation. And from our criteria for priority placement and every location’s pedagogical work plans to our general placement policy and our house rules.

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Allow your child to have the best development

We find it very important to provide you and your child with the best possible start at our day care facilities. That is why we invite you to visit one of our locations for an introduction and to have a guided tour. You are very welcome to drop by one of our facilities and get a taste of the atmosphere. It will be an excellent opportunity to ask all your questions.